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Lets go diving!

Jeremy Lai Profile Pic.jpeg

Jeremy Lai

National Director

Jeremy is originally from Sabah, Malaysian Borneo and has lived in Australia for over 18 years. With vast experience in the hospitality and travel industry, he is a passionate ambassador when it comes to promoting his home state and to be an advocate for marine conservation! 

Jeremy and his team are honoured and excited to be part of the Miss Scuba International pageant 2023.


- We celebrate inner beauty and encourage the empowerment of the modern woman of today

- We advocate for marine conservation

- We promote safe and environmentally aware diving practices.


During the pageant, finalists compete in various categories such as knowledge of marine conservation, proficiency in modelling & catwalk, as well as showing their own particular stage talent. Our finalists also participate in beach clean-ups and underwater clean-ups, as well as visiting a variety of charities, top tourism sites and explore the local cultural heritage sites.


We have been working in partnership with Miss Scuba International since 2018. Join the team of Miss Scuba Australia to bring more awareness to the preservation of marine life by being the voice of Australia.

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